Anilio Ski Center

Anilio Ski Center

Anilio Ski Center

Anilio Ski Center

In Anilio Metsovo, just 50 kilometers from Ioannina, 80 from Trikala and 215 from Thessaloniki, snow lovers will have the opportunity to enjoy endless descents at an altitude of 1850 meters.

The country's newest ski resort features ski runs for all levels of skiers and snowboarders, as well as the possibility of downhill snowboarding. The equipment includes a two-foot 800m long lift, two brand new 280m and 300m slides, two baby lifts and two snowmobiles.


Access to Anilio is very easy and safe and fast via Egnatia Road. Even in difficult weather conditions, the road is clear as it is snow-covered 24 hours a day by snowmobiling machines.

Our ski resort is located at the crossroads of Macedonia and Epirus, making it an ideal destination for short trips from Ioannina, Preveza, Arta, Igoumenitsa, Trikala, Karditsa and Thessaloniki.

Mileage Distances

  • Metsovo: 6 km
  • Ioannina: 50 km
  • Trikala: 80 km
  • Thessaloniki: 215 km
  • Athens: 414 km.

Coordinates for GPS: 39 ° 44'55 ″ N 21 ° 13'50 ″ E

Ski slopes - Snowboard

  • Slopes for ... experienced - difficult (red) track
  • Medium difficulty track (blue)
  • Track for snowboard (snow) of medium difficulty
  • Easy for beginners (green)
  • Children's Playgrounds - Children's Playground (Beginners)
  • Lifts - Lifts

The slopes are served by:

  • two-meter aerial lift 800 meters
  • 280 & 300 meter lifts respectively
  • baby lifts 80 and 120 meters respectively

The chalet

Next to the slopes and parking there is an amazing stone-built chalet on two levels, with two fireplaces and unlimited views of the slopes, Tzoumerka, Metsovo and Zagorohoria.


There guests can enjoy coffee and drinks, light snacks and pies, as well as local tsipouro with traditional appetizers in a warm and welcoming environment.


  • Ski set (sandals, boots, canes): 12 euros
  • ski (sandals): 8 euros
  • Ski boots: 8 euro
  • Snowboard set: 15 euros
  • Snowboard (board) 10 euros
  • Snowboard boots: 8 euros
  • Sleighs: 5 euros (1 hour)